Legitimate Films are the experts in bridging the gap between arts programs and education. Our program managers are trained in both education and film & television. With years of experience within schools they understand both sides of the worlds they work in.

What it's all about?

Since 2008 the team at Legitimate Films have worked together in providing outcome based filmmaking workshops for a range of projects. Our dedicated team are experts in working with non-filmmaking professionals in teaching the skills they need to bring their ideas to life.

Video production is a powerful tool to engage young people, exercise a voice, breakdown barriers and maximise connections within a community. We believe successful programs should offer more than just participation and engagement. Participants should feel empowered and enthusiastic to pursue the art form after the practitioner has left. We work with our partnering schools/organisations to facilitate this ongoing engagement in the area of film and video long after our programs have officially finished,

Filmmaking and the technology and tools it uses are extremely effective in engaging and broadening the skills of the participants in our programs.
— SCOTT BASKETT, Director/Producer/Program Manager

ABOUT: Behind the Scenes - Framing Asia Film Festival for Catholic Education Office Melbourne (2011)

We spend the time to design a specialised program tailored to your organisation. We have seen programs where facilitators take over the content. This is not our role. We firmly believe that this serves nobody. The point of a filmmaking program is to empower it's participants with the skill sets required to exercise their voice in a new way.

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • University of the Third Age
  • Social Equity Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Social Skills Programs
  • Disability Programs
  • Staff Training & Professional Development

We will work with you to determine how to best use the video equipment you have or if need be advise on what solutions exist to kit you out. Every organisation is different and we want to make sure that we utilise your resources as best as possible.

STUDENT DOCUMENTARY: Coonamble High School explore the former Tin Town settlement (2013)

STUDENT DOCUMENTARY: Crossways Lutheran School explore the Koonibba Aboriginal Mission near Ceduna (2013)

What sort of content can you design programs for?

  • Filmmaking (General)
  • Documentary
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Radio Documentary
The great thing about filmmaking is that it requires a team of people drawing from a range of technical, organisational and interpersonal skills. It’s a great tool in engaging participants in things they don’t even realise they’re learning about. It’s our understanding of this that make our programs so good.
— SCOTT BASKETT, Director/Producer/Program Manager

STUDENT DOCUMENTARY: Ceduna Area School visit conservationist, Val, to meet her special housemates (2014)

STUDENT FILM: Coober Pedy Area School students have a unique spin on the classic zombie film

Past Programs

  • Online Dreaming Pilot Program - Coober Pedy Area School & Ceduna Public Library (2008 Pilot program)
              - 2 days Mentoring through filmmaking. Targeting engagement, community connectivity in young people
  • Online Dreaming Coober Pedy - Coober Pedy Area School (2009-2014)
              - Yearly 2 week program covering Preproduction, Production and Post Production. Targeting student engagement, community connectivity,
                mentoring with community members, mentoring with literacy
  • Online Dreaming Ceduna - Crossways Lutheran School and Ceduna Area School (Mentoring through filmmaking)
  • Mentoring through filmmaking - Coonamble (2010-2015)
  • Ouyen - School of Choice - Building connections and making films with adults and young people (2009)
  • Dallas West Primary School - An Animated History Program. (2009)
  • Western English Language School - Sparkl Program (2007-2010)
  • Dallas Primary School - Sparkl Program 2009

Our success stories

Participants in our programs have received accolades and screenings that professional filmmakers themselves would be happy to achieve. Time and time again we are impressed with the quality of stories our programs produce. Here's a selection of our honor role and their very public celebrations:

  • Behind the News 2014 - Outback Films - After hearing about the program we've been running in Coober Pedy over the past 7 years, ABC Television's Behind the News asked students at Coober Pedy Area School to do a story about the wonderful work they've been producing.
  • Behind the News 2015 - Coober Pedy Kids - Although not directly linked to one of our programs, after the success of their first BTN story, alumni of our programs Evanna and Robert were asked to do a follow-up story about their town in Outback SA.
  • "Life in Coober Pedy" (2013) - Nominated for ATOM Best Secondary Documentary. Screened @ ACMI - Melbourne.
  • "Stride Ceduna Films" (2014) - Screened @ Country Arts SA Black Screen - Ceduna



The next step in engaging us to facilitate your specialised filmmaking program is to contact us at info@legitimatefilms.com.au or +61 418 102 214. We will discuss with you what outcomes you would like to achieve, who the program is targeted at and suggest the best option for your budget. We look forward to hearing from you.